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Introducing the New Editor-in-Chief of “Superconductivity News Forum”

Welcoming a New Editor-in-Chief

Xavier Obradors, EiC of SNFApril 2022

It is with great enthusiasm that I assume the role of the new Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of “Superconductivity News Forum” (SNF), following my two predecessors, Horst Rogalla and Alex Braginski.

I am confident that I echo a worldwide sentiment that SNF is a very useful tool for promoting the international advances in superconductivity R&D and sharing those results to better human life on a global scale. The key role played by the IEEE Council of Superconductivity (IEEE CSC) and the European Society of Applied Superconductivity (ESAS), as well as other scientific societies around the world, in supporting the activities and the initiatives of SNF have been outstanding and have contributed to its success. I am convinced that the synergetic initiatives being generated are very useful, thereby contributing to the expanding impact of the scientific and technological R&D in superconductivity.

Full Article will be available in our upcoming Issue No. 51 Preview No. 1.

Photo: Xavier Obradors, EiC of SNF